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    First festival was hosted in 2010, independent and grassroots run festival Loch Ness Film Festival (SCIO) SC042926 is an independent showcase for filmmakers set in venues around Loch Ness. The 2013 edition is from July 26 to 28th

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    A young Water Haggis, meets a cool frog & unlikely new friend. He then turns the whole Water Haggis world upside down & shows that sometimes you to have to think differently to solve a problem & to beat the bullies … smarts are always gonna be better than brawn.

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Eich Bhana

Eich Bhana will be screened in the Saturday night block from 7 to 9pm July 29th at the Craigmonie Theatre, Glen Urquhart High School, Drumnadrochit
All Screenings are Free Entry

Eich Bhàna is a short animation that aims to paint a picture of the North West coast of Scotland. Through the story of a fisherman struggling with his fears and with a feral horse, the film explores the relationship between people, animals, and a landscape of sea and mountain.

The feeling of isolation between the characters and their environment evolves as the narrative unfolds. Perhaps wilderness can be both isolating and liberating.

Film by Alison MacPherson
Music composed by Luci Holland
Sound design by Rosa Good
Genre : Animation Drama
Duration : 6m

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Eich Bhana_screenshot_01
Eich Bhana_screenshot_01
Eich Bhana_final poster_01
Eich Bhana_final poster_01