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    First festival was hosted in 2010, independent and grassroots run festival Loch Ness Film Festival (SCIO) SC042926 is an independent showcase for filmmakers set in venues around Loch Ness. The 2013 edition is from July 26 to 28th

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    A young Water Haggis, meets a cool frog & unlikely new friend. He then turns the whole Water Haggis world upside down & shows that sometimes you to have to think differently to solve a problem & to beat the bullies … smarts are always gonna be better than brawn.

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About Us

The first ever Loch Ness Film Festival debuted September 2010 at various venues. We screened everything from shorts, features, documentaries to established previously released films at the box office. The range of films we screen are diverse and can come from every corner of the globe to just somebody around the corner from where we live and to somebody with no budget to someone with high budgets and funding.

Loch Ness Film Festival is a fun and friendly grassroots film festival that welcomes anyone visiting the iconic and stunning backdrop of Loch Ness. The festival is a (SCIO) Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered charity number is SC042926 run by the aid of volunteers of trustees and members and is a non-profit film festival that covers it’s costs through local sponsorship, submission fees and with any funding or donations received going towards general running costs of the festival.

We do not provide free or discounted accommodation or travel to selected filmmakers but anyone is more than welcome to attend and enjoy their film being screened and hope they enjoy the festival, the crack, the Highlands and overall enjoy their visit and experience of loch ness.

We do not look down at any particular film being submitted for selection. We value the strength of idea, imagination and story telling over the notion of budgets and technical experience and to be as entertaining as possible. We are very open minded to censorship but we do not want anything submitted which is to graphic in terms of violence. We do not have the resources to screen every film we wish due to the ever increasing volume of submissions we receive every year but we will give it our best shot over the weekend of the event.

Once you have submitted your film (click here for the submission page) and paid the submission fee via our partners at FilmFreeway, we will watch your film and consider it for the final selection which will be published by the end of May on our website film reel and posted up on facebook with all selected filmmakers emailed & notified of their film published and screening day & times.

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